Top 15 Best Male Masturbators Reviewed In 2023

At A Glance: Our Quick Top 5 Picks for Best Masturbators For Men In 2023:

Kiiroo Keon Automatic Male Masturbator
  • Super realistic sex simulation with a possibility of VR experience
  • Automatic, handsfree, portable device
  • Sleek, discreet design
Autoblow Artificial Intelligence
  • Hands Free Robotic Blowjob Toy
  • Does not need batteries
  • Uses interchangeable sleeves
Lovense Max 2
  • Luxury app-controlled male masturbator with air pump design
  • 3 suction intensities and 7 vibration functions
  • Best for people that are on a budget
Fun Factory Manta
  • Sleek, vibrating male masturbator with easy push-button controls
  • 6 speeds and 6 patterns for awesome solo sessions or fun with a partner
  • Unique design fits between bodies for exhilarating couple's play
The Handy
  • Ultra premium handsfree male sex toy
  • Built with premium quality materials and the very best electronic components
  • Ready for Virtual Reality video

The massive and marvelous industry of male masturbators is taking over the planet.

Right now, there are more than a thousand different models, each with its own set of unique pros and cons. No wonder the average man can’t find anything he likes.

We’ve got our boys out there hunting for a needle in a haystack.

It’s not that there aren’t any good options available.

On the contrary, there are so many awesome choices that most dudes have no idea where to start searching. I’d say I feel sorry for you guys, but this is actually a great problem to have if you think about it.

Let’s have a moment of silence for all our fallen brothers – the ones who have bravely carved this perverted path we now walk on today.

I mean, it was because of the sexual frustration of a few brazen masterminds that the world got its very first male masturbator.

Whether we have too many choices or too few, the problem is just as big.

How on Earth with a self-respecting man find a good male masturbator without spending hours sifting through pornographic websites?

How many viruses does his computer have to block before he finds something worthwhile?

As confusing and dangerous as it is out there, most people need more than a series of web addresses to discover a toy that will improve their sex life.

In truth, a frugal shopper needs to know the following information or make the following considerations (at the very least) to find the perfect male masturbator:

  • How much money can be spent on things like:
    • The device itself
    • Any necessary batteries
    • An internet connection
    • A mobile data plan
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Material renewal products
    • Lubrication
    • Replacement parts
  • How a lube’s base ingredient and a toy’s material will work together with or against one another
  • Whether the people using it have sensitivities and/or allergies

Once those stones have been turned, you can probably recognize a decent device from a mile away. Don’t think all of this homework is necessary?

You obviously don’t appreciate the sheer genius behind the modern-day male masturbator.

The Top 15 Best Masturbators For Men On The Market In 2023:

Narrowing my massive list of favored male masturbators down to the top 15 was a nearly impossible task.

Thankfully, I was up for the challenge. Against all odds, I eventually came up with my favorites. Below are the devices most likely to please (in my humble opinion):

#1. The Kiiroo Keon – Best Male Masturbator Overall


The Kiiroo Keon automatic male masturbator makes sure you’re wielding enough power to handle a heavy load. Whether pleasuring yourself or a partner, its customizable speeds and stroke lengths can help you satisfy demands.

This automatic handheld penis stroker features an innovative design that harnesses the latest SexTech. Press a button and get transported to a realm of pure bliss, with a sex robot that obeys your every command.

You can train it to reach speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute. Or slow it down to enjoy smooth, deliberate sensations.

Supercharge your sex life with Keon’s app-controlled features.

Begin by connecting it to your smartphone for a vast selection of XXX content. Enjoy curated adult images and videos or explore the interactive webcam library for next-level dating. Then hook up your favorite virtual reality (VR) headset to experience 3D play with or without a partner.

Meanwhile, cast your penis into a textured abyss that guarantees an explosive exit.


  • Possible Virtual Reality Content

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You get more than sixty (60) minutes of playtime with each full charge.

CON: You’re limited only to kiiroo’s sleeve textures.


#2. The Autoblow A.I.


Get ready for a surprisingly realistic blow job without all the gagging and scraping. The Autoblow A.I. uses high-tech artificial intelligence to perform oral sex as nature intended.

With nine distinct performances inspired by thrilling porn, you can mix and match sensations or tailor the experience.

The device also features a unique Edging function to help you increase stamina as you experiment with different strategies. And with no charging required, enjoy non-stop stimulation to your most sensitive member.

This device uses A.I., which is where things get really interesting. The onboard computer offers the tenth pleasure setting that combines your favorites.

After several uses, artificial intelligence can create a program that intuitively satisfies your sexual desires. And with an easy-clean design that lets you swap out the sleeve, there’s no end to the perversion you can enjoy.


  • Downloadable programs

  • Plug-In Ready

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You can choose different stroke speeds to create memorable experiences.

CON: This device cannot sync with other devices for real-time interactive play.


#3. The Lovense Max 2 Vibrating Masturbator For Men


The Lovense Max 2 is an app-controlled stroker for penises. And it features an innovative air-pump design to mimic the sensations of real sex.

As a second-generation sex toy, this device offers more power than the original.

It also features new pleasure settings, including three suction levels and seven vibe functions. You can control the experience at the touch of a button or sync the toy to your smartphone via the free app.

Either way, you haven’t even gotten to the best part.

Max 2 is perfect for long-distance play, although you can also use it for those cold nights alone.

The Lovense app offers countless adult experiences, but inside the chamber is where the magic happens. Delve into the textured sleeve for realistic stimulation using 360-degree contractions.

The convenient air vent on the bottom lets you customize suction while the enhanced sensors react to your body’s movements.

Meanwhile, the machine operates for over 3.5 hours with every charge, giving you pleasure well into the morning.


  • Splashproof

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: It features a non-anatomical orifice to help your imagination run wild.

CON: The six-inch insertable length may not be large enough for some users.


#4. The Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Male Masturbator


The Fun Factory Manta makes lightweight of a man’s orgasmic burden. And he can target the exact location where it hurts.

This sleek, lightweight, wand-style male vibrator is perfect for solo sessions. It’s also fun with a partner because you can use it in countless ways.

Feel like tickling your pickle? Go for it. Want to use it as a targeted muscle massager? Do as you please.

The versatile design and clever button placement make it easy to satisfy cravings.

Flip through the six powerful vibration speeds to determine your favorite. Or explore the six distinct patterns until your penis throws in the flag.

You get up to 120 minutes of non-stop play with each full charge. And it even features a convenient travel lock to make sure nobody knows your dirty secrets while traveling.

Hold the wand on your sweet spot or place it between two bodies in motion for a long, gratifying experience.

With the Fun Factory Manta, everyone leaves happy.


  • 100% Waterproof

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: Even on the highest setting, it’s whisper quiet.

CON: It doesn’t offer suction or automatic stroking options.


#5. The Handy Automatic Masturbator For Men


Let Handy handle the responsibility of choking your chicken. And stop worrying about penis size concerns, whether you’re big or small.

This device adjusts to fit any physical form without losing an ounce of power.

Experience tailored teasing with tiny band adjustments. Or run the show with its built-in control interface that manipulates the stroke length, speed, and vibration intensity.

You can even hand the wireless remote to a partner for real-time surprise stimulation.

Then behold the fastest gunslinger in the West. Program Handy to pump your penis at superhuman speeds – up to 10 strokes per second.

Combine the speedy stroker with perfectly synced video content to experience interactive play. And immerse yourself in a large community of like-minded perverts on Discord.

The designers also let you contribute to future innovation with free access to Handy apps and software.


  • Splashproof

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: Community members on Discord may or may not participate in group activities.

CON: The device lacks suction power for more realistic sensations.


#6. The Fleshlight Turbo Core Male Masturbator


Fleshlight is known for producing top-quality sex toys for men. And the Turbo Core is no exception. This transparent male masturbator features an exclusive design that mimics the sensations of oral sex.

Combined with an enhanced lube and a decent technique, it guarantees an intense climax.

That’s because it features multiple layers of pleasurable components to siphon every last drop.

As such, the Core proves once again that first impressions last for an entire orgasm. But it requires much less fuss than other handheld strokers.

The FTC gives credit to your creative penis with mind-blowing possibilities. And although it doesn’t have any high-tech features, this device still provides performance options.

The intricately detailed sleeve replicates blow jobs with various suspended entry points. Enjoy the floating inner rings as you manually adjust suction levels with the twistable bottom cap.

The design is sleek, streamlined, and lightweight for easy travel. Plus, it comes with an extended warranty from the manufacturer.


  • 100% Waterproof

  • No Charging Required

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You can use this stroker with the Universal Fleshlight automatic stroking machine.

CON: The powerful suction can make manual stroking a challenge.


#7. The Arcwave Ion


As one of the most compact handheld male masturbators, the Arcwave Ion makes personal pleasure convenient again. It’s perfect for discreet travel and renders almost no sound.

Plus, it features CleanTech silicone with a DryTech stick to help keep it clean. But aside from the logistics, this device also uses Smart Silence technology to prevent unwanted activation.

The motors won’t turn on until they get close to your skin. And they’ll automatically turn off when you exit the stage.

No more getting caught, and no more wasted battery life.

Smart and savvy are excellent, but perverted precision is always better.

Thus, the Arcwave Ion is perfect for a couple’s foreplay game or to help enhance user stamina.

That’s because it pinpoints the exact nerve endings with eight intensity levels to satisfy deep cravings. And due to the focus on frenulum stimulation, this device produces sensations similar to a clitoral orgasm.

Have you ever made a man squirt like a female? You’re about to.


  • 100% Waterproof

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: It doubles as a discreet storage container for easier maintenance.

CON: You only get 3.5 inches of insertable length to explore.


#8. The Lovense Gush Discreet Male Masturbator


Lovense is famous for high-quality couples’ sex toys like the Hush and Rush. But now they have the Gush, a vibrating cock ring for men.

This wearable sleeve offers technologies that help bring two lovers together. Using Bluetooth, people can enjoy long-distance kink from a lightweight, compact device.

Control the sensations by hand or let a partner surprise the senses. You get more than 115 minutes to make up your mind and work up an orgasm.

The Lovense Gush offers hands-free enjoyment at the touch of a button. And it features an ergonomic design that encapsulates the powerful 3-speed motor.

Explore ten built-in pleasure patterns or sync the toy to a smartphone via the app.

With an adjustable size for all body types, feel free to share the sexiness with multiple partners. Then take advantage of the one-year warranty because you’ll likely put many miles on the motor.


  • 100% Waterproof

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: It’s a penis ring with enough surface area to double as a small stroker.

CON: The size makes it a challenge to use during penetration.

#9. The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo (Powered by Kiiroo)


Some people prefer jerking off, and that’s ok. But what’s not ok is when those people lack the tools they need to satisfy desires.

However, the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo (powered by Kiiroo) changes the game.

This lightweight app-controlled penis stroker makes masturbation fun again. It features an ultra-strong vibrating motor and uses oscillating PulsePlate technology to deliver mind-blowing sensations.

Plus, you can enjoy stimulation whether you’re erect or flaccid because of the open-ended design.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is perfect for personal pleasure and ideal for playing with a partner. Scroll through the five thrilling vibe patterns or explore the eight distinct intensity levels to find your favorite settings.

Then connect to the FeelConnect app to experience real-time interactive kink with your lover. The platform features over 4,000 2D and 3D adult content pieces for your viewing pleasure.

So, that means you can sync a pair of VR goggles to experience multi-dimensional masturbation.


  • 100% Waterproof

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: This device is perfect for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) or Peyronie’s disease.

CON: It takes the battery a long time to recharge.


#10. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)


Nobody wants a two-pump chump.

So, give your lovers something to remember after upping the ante with the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU). It features intricate detailing inside the fleshy sleeve to pinpoint penile nerve endings instantly.

It also has a sensational opening to help improve sensations while inserting and removing your penis.

Then, adjust the suction level using a twisty cap on the bottom before pushing your libido to the limits with a handheld male masturbator.

This sleek and lightweight device aims to stimulate the senses so much that you’re forced to ejaculate. The complex form means you’ll increase your tolerance for extreme pleasures and last longer the next time.

Meanwhile, its convenient design makes maintenance a breeze. And you can remove the sleeve for a quick rinse then put it back without special tools.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about battery life or motor noise because the Fleshlight STU is entirely manual.


  • 100% Waterproof

  • No Charging Required

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You can use this device with the Universal Launch automatic penis stroking machine.

CON: The excellent suction can make manual pumping a challenge.

#11. The TENGA Flip Zero EV Vibrating Masturbator For Men


You’re no less of a man because your cock won’t take orders. Perhaps it just needs a little coaxing from the TENGA Flip Zero EV. The EV stands are “electronic vibrations,” which permeate the penis to stimulate dull nerve endings.

Combined with an exclusive hinged design, you can experience intense orgasms whether your dick gets erect or not.

Also, it features one of the most intricate sleeve textures in the sex toy business.

So, you’re almost guaranteed to ejaculate if you stroke it like a pro.

The inventive design houses two vibrating cores to ensure maximum stimulation at all points.

It also features five powerful vibe settings, with controls built into the case’s side. And because of the one-way valve on the bottom, you can enjoy robust vacuum suction to help satisfy the senses.

Explore six inches of insertable length and a half-inch diameter as you plunge full-speed into TENGA’s Flip Hole EV. But remember, it can get even better if you pair it with a fitted cock ring.


  • Splashproof

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You don’t have to stroke your penis to experience intense pleasure.

CON: This device won’t sync with other toys or link to stimulating online experiences.


#12. The Fleshlight Destroya


The Fleshlight Destroya makes a perfect gift for the discerning pervert in your life. The brand ambassadors molded a porn star’s pussy for your viewing pleasure.

Plus, you can buy the anus sleeve and insert it into the same case for double the fun.

Thanks to this innovative sex toy, men can finally find solace in the arms of their favorite porn star. And when paired with a 2D or 3D movie, it offers one-of-a-kind stimulation that mimics the real thing.

Toya’s toys are yours for the taking, with fleshy materials and an exclusive texture.

Enjoy the realistic orifice as you plunge into her honeypot, as seen on TV. Then freely adjust the suction level with a quick turn of a dial on the bottom.

You can stroke a penis at consistent speeds, hand it to a partner for surprises, or mount it to work on your thrusts.

Whatever the case, take advantage of the easy-clean design and versatile sleeve selection. Bottoms up!


  • 100% Waterproof

  • No Charging Required

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You can use this device with the Universal Launch automatic stroking machine.

CON: The excellent suction can make manual pumping a challenge.

#13. The Fleshlight Universal Launch + Turbo Thrust


The Universal Launch is Fleshlight’s answer to the previous design, which lacked the power of this new and improved version.

It’s still an automatic penis stroking machine with robust motors and a versatile form. But this updated model can fit more devices from the brand’s famous product line.

Plus, you can use it to turn many non-Fleshlight toys into hands-free devices with just a few adjustments. Then control the waves as you explore countless customizable settings.

Strap the brand’s Turbo Thrust manual masturbator into your machine and let the sparks fly.

Let the automatic motors perform or control the show with the touch of a button.

You can manipulate the stroke length and speed while enjoying your favorite porn movie. Or sync the Launch to Fleshlight’s online library of saucy 2D and 3D adult content for even more fun.

The touch control system makes tailored teasing a cinch. And you can swap the Turbo Thrust with something else if you get tired of it.


  • Splashproof (Stroker), 100% Waterproof (TT)

  • USB Rechargeable (Stroker), No Charging Required (TT)

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: There are several ways to play with this sex toy combination.

CON: You might need additional equipment to enjoy all the features.

#14. The Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2


The Cobra Libre II is supposed to look and feel like a sexy snake swallowing your dick. And if that’s not the best way to start masturbating, I don’t know what is.

This device features a non-anatomical opening to ensure your imagination works correctly. But it also has an ergonomic design to make foreplay easier whether you’re playing alone or with someone else.

This toy is perfect for sex training, BDSM, and stamina enhancement with a simple control interface and extra-durable materials.

Enjoy a super-quiet motor that doesn’t lack power or longevity. Then stimulate the head of your penis (frenulum) as the juices erupt.

The intense sensations deliver a sexual revelation regardless of your location. And the one-size-fits-all package means you can share if push comes to shove.

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre II offers a deeper dive despite being only 3.5 inches long. But you can explore even more pleasure if you pair it with a branded cock ring.


  • 100% Waterproof

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: The battery recharges very quickly with a good connection.

CON: You can’t enjoy a full stroke sensation because of the closed-end design.

#15. The Fleshlight Quickshot Turbo Discreet Male Masturbator


The Fleshlight Quickshot Turbo might be your answer to failed late-night booty calls.

It’s the ultimate travel companion, according to the brand. That’s because it’s lightweight, compact, transparent, powerful, and versatile.

The design aims to deliver snug stimulation on the go, with ultimate gripping power and sucking sensations despite its open-ended form. With patented details and a suspended entry ring system, your pleasures multiply with every stroke.

Plus, you can watch as the action happens and clean up quickly when finished.

This compact stroker gives you the freedom of choice in multiple ways.

For one, you can use it as a manual masturbator for solo sessions or partner play. Or you can enjoy the stimulation as part of your everyday routine to improve stamina.

Using patented technology, the Fleshlight Quickshot Turbo combines two popular products.

Experience the open-ended Quickshot and the transparent Turbo Thrust without stopping or swapping.


  • 100% Waterproof

  • No Charging Required

  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: The toy is easy to clean, so you can hit and quit it.

CON: You can’t use this device with the Universal Launch automatic penis stroking machine.

BONUS: The Kiiroo Titan Vibrating Masturbator For Men


This thing is the crème de la crème of male masturbators. Built to help guys enjoy extreme automatic pleasure while improving stamina and maximizing endurance, the all-inclusive Kiiroo Titan is a force to be reckoned with.

With six distinct vibe modes coming from more than half a dozen motors, it can replace most other masturbators the way I replace batteries in my sex toys.

The Titan offers an ample 7.5 inches (19cm) of insertable length, features a sleeve made from medical-grade silicone, and can even link to online interactive content via smart device.

PRO: It allows you to have amazing sex by yourself or with a partner (while skipping out on paying for dinner).

CON: It might not be big enough for insanely large penises.

Why Use Male Masturbators?

According to the discoveries of modern-day science, men are supposed to ejaculate at least 21 times per month to enjoy an optimal physical wellbeing.

That comes up to roughly every day minus a one-week timeframe, obviously built in by the Creator for some much-needed rest.

Interestingly, there are also some mental and emotional components associated with frequent cumming.

Put simply, using a high-quality male masturbator isn’t just good for a great time; it may also be good for your health.

I’ve met so many men, both in relationships and single, who have wanted to explore the depths of orgasm.

However, only using conventional tools such as prostate massagers, pocket pussies and male masturbators was that ever possible. Among the most popular options for those men were the masturbators – discreet, full of surprises, fun and affordable.

Gone is the stigma associated with manual masturbation, especially when that masturbation takes place using a high-caliber no hands masturbator that looks like something made by Nasa.

But aside from being good for you, and now socially acceptable, today’s male masturbators are also works of mechanical art.

With features that rival our best smart devices – and some with components that work in tandem with said devices – the world of male masturbators is nothing like it once was.

No longer do guys have to secretly crank their yank in a dark basement somewhere. With luxury sex toys taking over the market, science and industry are sure to follow.

After all, it’s said that necessity is the mother of invention. Beckoning the call of the horny herd, contemporary masturbator manufacturers started striving to develop a self-pleasure device that would kick the competition in its ass.

So far, the spoils of that war have rendered countless attention-getting toys.

Apparently, you’ve not been the only one on a quest for the perfect male masturbator. Now do you feel better?

I say all this because there are a few strings attached to this amazing deal I’ve just put before you. The sheer number of choices out there can downright overwhelming.

In fact, nearly every sex toy manufacturer in today’s industry make their own version of a male masturbator.

And while they’re all described as “the best of the best,” that can’t really be true.

So, I’ve taken the liberty of vetting out the cream of the crop. Consider it a gift from me to your cock.

The Top 6 Ways to Tell If That Is The Best Male Masturbator or Not

Everybody I’ve ever met has had at least one story to tell where they were the victim of clever marketing. Who didn’t want a pet rock at one point?

And which one of us hasn’t had a bad experience with a sex toy, leading to the inevitable skepticism we now have? Marketers have had us since we were young, and nothing has changed.

Now, however, they lure us into consumer traps with empty promises, false hopes and deceptive reviews.

There are few people left who can see through the smoke and mirrors. By taking the proper steps and by getting your toys through the appropriate channels, you can find something worthy of your hard-earned dollar.

Because today’s marketing expert knows exactly what to do and say to get your money, a lot of the “best” electric male masturbators aren’t so awesome after all.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, they convince unsuspecting consumers to pay for junk and apologize later when it breaks or malfunctions.

With the following guide, you’ll no longer be a fish in a pond that’s much too big to navigate.

Today’s male masturbator manufacturers have flooded the market in an attempt to appease the constant demand for bigger and better.

Unfortunately, what we have in return is too much of a good thing (and too many bad things carelessly mixed in). Like chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner, maybe it’s time we start demanding a change in the menu.

In the meantime, transform yourself into a consumer who’s armed to the teeth with market knowledge and personal discernment.

Bring it, Britney.

Below are the top 6 things you should look at or consider when shopping for a good vibrator:


This is a time when the size of your penis matters for more than your bedroom reputation.

It’s about safety at this point. Not all male masturbators are the same, with sizes ranging anywhere from just a few inches to nearly a dozen.

In fact, you may even run into some “corona (tip) stimulators” on your quest, but don’t be fooled.

Although those toys have their merits, they are in no way the same thing as the male masturbators we’re discussing here.

Furthermore, the size of the toy you choose will determine how much pleasure you derive from it.

Take, for example, a toy that’s too short or too long for the user’s penis.

He will either bottom out before enjoying a full thrust or he’ll get lost in the canal before enjoying all the features.

Finding the perfect fit is all about. . . well, finding the perfect fit. Pat attention to size or you could be sorry.


While some may confuse tightness with size, they’re actually two different considerations. A male masturbator can have the perfect dimensions but fail to have a canal that’s tight/loose enough for your liking.

Just as it is with length, the girth of a penis varies from man to man.

Without considering the tightness of your toys, you could end up with something that feels worse than throwing a hotdog down a hallway. Not only are both of those things pointless, but they’re both a complete waste of your perfectly good hotdog (see what I did there?).

The average male masturbator has a tightness ranging between 1 to 2 inches in circumference.

However, there are smaller and larger versions available on some models.

If nothing fits, you have erectile dysfunction, or if you suffer from premature ejaculation or Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis), I recommend using a medical-grade penis pump or extender until your opportunities open up.


The opening of that masturbator is more important than you think. Not only will it most likely determine how tight of a ride it is, but the appearance and shape of the orifice will affect the way it feels.

Fine detailing is one thing, but a good material and an ideal circumference can make up for what a bad design lacks.

Many of today’s male masturbators feature orifices that have been molded to resemble a famous porn star. Personalities (and pussies) such as Jesse Jane, Lisa Ann, and Tera Patrick are thrown around like household names.

The Fleshlight Girls, for example, is an extensive lineup of the same such masturbator sleeve/orifice combos, designed to fit any standard case in the brand’s even more massive collection. And other brands have done the same thing too, leaving us consumers to sort through the rubble like it’s 9-11 again.

Choosing the best orifice is a matter of taste, more or less.

However, it’s important to note that certain orifice types may only come with one particular sleeve type, meaning some consumers may have to settle for second best to get a good product.

Just hope for the best and plan for the worst here, because chances are, you’ll find something awesome with a quickness.


The sleeve feature is the most customizable of them all, also making it one of the most difficult.

In fact, the Fleshlight brand alone has hundreds of sleeve options and texture choices.

Add in the other big-name brands like Kiiroo, TENGA, Lelo and Lovehoney, and we have more male masturbation sleeve variables than we can shake our sticks at.

Luckily, many of the top manufacturers have started working together so we can all have a good time.

The thing about the sleeve is, its user must know what material their sleeve is made out of before they can enjoy it properly.

Any masturbator has an internal sleeve to house and arouse the penis. It can be made from a variety of materials (which we will cover in just a minute).

That sleeve’s material make-up will usually determine the following:

  • What kind of lube you can use with it
  • How you have to clean it
  • Whether it needs special storage

So, while looking through the features and feeling tempted to buy the first male masturbator that looks good, be sure to slow down while passing by the sleeves because that little detail can make a big difference in your entire experience.

Dare I say, it can make an otherwise amazing toy look bad. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


The features available on modern-day male masturbators is so extensive that nobody has time to go over them all at once.

For now, look for things like rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity, downloadable or online porn content, various vibration functions, pressure controls, and waterproof or luxury materials.

If you can find something along those lines, it’s a safe bet that you’ve landed on a keeper.


This is an especially fundamental consideration for anyone who ends up with a male masturbator that’s not hands-free.

Remember, the word “automatic” doesn’t always mean it drives itself up and down the shaft of the penis.

Sometimes, the only thing automatic is the orgasm you have while using it.

Although ergonomics is important to everybody, those who have mobility problems need to be keen about the shape of the handle on their chosen male masturbator.

Slippage may not get anyone hurt but it certainly won’t get you a second date.

Where To Find The Best Male Masturbators On The Market:

LOVEHONEY – Our top recommended online sex toy shop that offers you the best prices, fastest and most discreet shipping on the internet.

The End Game

Finding that perfect male masturbator is not as hard you think, especially when you know where to look and have a few helpful suggestions in your back pocket.

Although there may not be a flawless machine on the planet, what’s important is that all the components come together to give you and your partner and pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience (hopefully more than once).

If that calls for a king-size male masturbator with a porn-star sleeve and a 5-speed transmission, then so be it.

This is your race. If you’re not first, you’re last.

Male Masturbator FAQs

How Do I Clean a Machine Like This?

Cleaning your male masturbators is easy.

However, you should always look at the owner’s manual for specific instructions because each product is different.

In general, manufacturers suggest pouring out the contents of your toy first.

Then, you must rinse it with warm water and follow with a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaner.

In some cases, the device might require additional steps, such as applying renewal powder. But always let your stuff dry before returning it to storage.

Is There a Special Way to Store Male Masturbators?

Storing sex toys requires containers and hiding places. But it also requires attention to the owner’s manual. Some devices need extra attention.

So, never store electronic toys around water because they could spark or break. And try to keep all other devices away from direct sunlight or extreme heat or cold.

Then, place unused items in storage bags or boxes to protect them from the elements.

Can I Get Hurt While Masturbating?

Be careful while jerking off because you could get hurt. If you don’t use enough lube or if you stroke too quickly, you can irritate the skin on your dick.

Furthermore, incorrect use of your sex toys may result in damages and injuries.

So, always read the owner’s manual for specific instructions. And follow the safety guidelines listed in your pamphlet.

Then stop if you feel pain and examine the area. Or see a doctor if you need immediate medical attention.

Will Jerking Off Make My Dick Stop Working?

Rumor has it that vigorous masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction.

However, it’s not that simple. While prolonged exposure to extreme sensations can decrease penile sensitivity, regular jerk-off sessions won’t hurt you.

Either way, always use sex toys with caution because they are mighty. And never masturbate with machines unless you slather on the lubrication. High-quality lube helps enhance your sensations, making it easier to ejaculate without extra effort.

Over time, relaxed strokes can help protect your penis from desensitization.

How Can I Improve Stamina with Male Masturbators?

Because many male masturbators feature intricate sleeve textures, they provide extreme sensations. Thus, men can increase their stamina through edging and endurance exercises.

However, too much jerking off may lead to penile sensitivity issues.

So, take it easy until you understand how your body reacts to sexual stimulation. Then discuss your concerns with a doctor if you’re worried about erectile dysfunction (ED).

What Kind of Lube Should I Use?

You should use lubrication that feels good to your body and is compatible with your devices. But be sure to choose hypoallergenic products to help protect your skin. And never mix silicone-based lubricants with silicone sex toys because you could damage the material.

Oil-based lubes work better on silicon. But water-based lubrication is usually best. That’s because water-based lube is gentle on the skin.

It also doesn’t stain fabrics, washes off quickly, and is compatible with most toy materials. Always check the owner’s manual for specific information.

What Kind of Cleaning Products Do I Use for Male Masturbators?

Keep your pleasure products squeaky clean with a thorough washing before and after each use. But never skimp on the high-quality stuff.

Always wash sex toys with hypoallergenic cleansers to prevent skin irritation and allergic reactions. Then look for non-abrasive cleaning products to protect the toy’s materials.

You should never wash adult devices with everyday household items. Buy the things that the manufacturer recommends instead.

What Happens If My Stroker Breaks?

If your device malfunctions or breaks, shut it off immediately. Do not turn it back on until you determine the problem. And look for answers in your owner’s manual first.

Then contact the manufacturer if you have specific questions.

Does My Masturbator Come with a Warranty?

Some male masturbation devices come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer.

However, you won’t always find that information in the box. You must often go to the company’s website or consult the retailer for more details.

Devices with warranties usually feature one-year coverage for factory flaws and shipping problems. But manufacturers seldom cover accidents and negligence.

So, be careful with your toys.

How Do I Register My Sex Toy Warranty?

You can register the warranty on your playthings quickly and easily.

First, look in the box for a registration card or more information. Or contact the seller to find out more.

Then, fill out the registration prompts before sending them back to the manufacturer.

In some cases, you can complete the forms online at the company’s website for immediate coverage.

Either way, never leave your devices unprotected because anything could happen.

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